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⚡️An Extensive Collection of Useful Websites and Services

Hello, readers! In this compilation, we have gathered a range of valuable websites and services for convenient work in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Whether you are a newcomer enthusiast or an experienced user, this curated list aims to provide a plethora of resources available free of charge.

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???? Analytical Tools:

DefiLlama: An invaluable analytical tool for assessing volume and Total Value Locked (TVL) across different blockchains and decentralized financial protocols.

DappRadar: Provides statistics on popular blockchain games, NFTs, networks, TVL, and Dapps (decentralized applications).

Dex Screener: Offers data (volumes, liquidity, price changes) from decentralized exchanges in different networks and blockchains.

Debank: Tracks asset quantities in preferred wallets, showcasing holdings in various protocols, along with transaction histories across networks.

Dune: Provides various statistical data about projects of interest. It also allows for the creation of personalized panels with relevant information.

Coinmarketcap and Dropstab: Used to track cryptocurrency prices, verify smart contracts of tokens, and manage portfolios.

Tweet Scout: The free version evaluates accounts, while the premium version provides deeper analysis and additional features with a 10% discount on the first subscription using the promo code «berkut.»

Cryptorank, CRYPTO fundraising, and crunchbase: Provide information about investment rounds and investors in crypto projects.

Token Unlocks, Dropstab: Offer details about upcoming token unlocks.

CRYPTO PANIC: An aggregator of crypto news.

De.Fi: Details on top crypto hacks and other DeFi analytics.

Arkham: Blockchain analytics with customizable Telegram notifications.

????️ NFT Work:

Magically, Nftnerds, and Nansen: Analyze trends, collections, and NFT minting.

Underground Gas Calculator: Assists in estimating NFT minting costs.

DATALPHA: NFT analytics and statistics for your interested wallets.

????️ Useful Tools:

CoinTool: A multi-tool that enables token distribution, collection, wallet generation (use with caution), and more.

Disperse: Token distribution across wallets, not recommended for retro hunters.

Chainlist: Swift addition of any network to your wallet.

Remix: Deployment of smart contracts within the browser.

Revoke.Cash: Revocation of token permissions across different networks.

Commissions and ETH Gas Tracker: Telegram bots displaying current gas values across various blockchains.

Crypton Tools: Links to popular bridges, exchanges, landing pages, and NFT marketplaces.

Staysafu: Verification of smart contracts. Search for unclaimed airdrops in your wallet.

???? Checks:

Blocknative and beaconcha: Monitoring of gas on Mainnet/Polygon with statistics on average gas over the last week. Tracking of fees in Bitcoin.

Trustalabs, Wenser, Sybilstat: Wallet activity check across various networks.

???? Neural Networks:

ChatGPT: A modern search engine and assistant for various queries.

We hope this compilation proves useful to you as we’ve included a substantial number of helpful services.

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