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Airdrops: the end of a hype or the beginning of an era?


Airdrop — distribution of free tokens or cryptocurrencies to a large number of wallet addresses. This method is often used by blockchainprojects for promotion: users perform simple actions for which they receive a small reward in the form of as yet little-known and inexpensive tokens. If the project becomes successful and popular, the owners of such altcoins will be able to earn much more.

But the cryptocurrency space is developing at breakneck speed, but despite this, Airdrops will be relevant now and in the near future. You need to understand thatthis is a good way to make money if you understand this and track the market,

For 1 account, you can get from $ 1000. You can have an unlimited number of accounts, which means that earnings are unlimited.

The most popular airdrops in 2023:

— Arbitrum is one of the first and largest L2 networks for Ethereum. The project has been running on the mainnet since the fall of 2021, so the launch of $ARB and drop to active users was one of the most anticipated events of 2022-23.

— Sui is a blockchain of the latest generation designed to provide users with low fees and high throughput combined with the security of the first—level network.

— LayerZero is a zero—level infrastructure for cross-chain interactions between different blockchains.

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