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Since 2021, tens of thousands of lives around the world have been devastated by the scams industry in Southeast Asia.

Supercharge our mission in combatting the multi-billion dollar cybercrime companies.

1. Target

All available funding from donations will be spent on the development, growth, support and maintenance of the service to protect people from fraud and loss of funds. The future address of the project is

What future users of the service will be able to benefit from:

* Finding signs of any fraud on the internet

* Checking counterparties and any services they plan to make purchases from

* Receiving answers to any questions with the help of artificial intelligence

* Learning about potential risks of any investments in IT technologies, including cryptocurrencies

The resource will allow users to save money from fraudsters, avoid scam projects, develop themselves and their business using modern technologies.

Investing now will protect your future!



* You participate in creating a good deed to protect people from perpetrators;
* In the future, you can expect Airdrops from our service;
* You are included in the list of special customers with maximum loyalty;
* Priority in the speed of execution of your orders;


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1) One-time
2) Recurring

You will be able to monitor the creation process, A-B testing, and understand each step of development.



Anyone who has made a donation has the right to reach out to the website administration and request a link to track the expenditures that have been received from the donations.



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