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Good day, dear readers! Exciting news has emerged from the cryptocurrency realm: one of the leading projects in the trio of innovative blockchain platforms (LayerZero, zkSync, Starknet) has officially confirmed the launch of its Airdrop.

It all began yesterday when a mysterious claim page surfaced on the network, outlining the following criteria:

1️⃣ Starknet Users: Presumably, this is what concerns us, participants in the crypto community, the most. Unfortunately, details for this point have not been disclosed yet, but we eagerly await additional information.

2️⃣ Starknet Developers: The requirement is to make at least 5 commits in a repository written in the Cairo language or designed for Starknet infrastructure.

3️⃣ GitHub Developers: Here, one needs to make a minimum of 5 commits in the t

op 1000 repositories by rating, as well as have at least one commit in 2018 or later.

4️⃣ Ethereum Early Adopters: Addresses that interacted with smart contracts and burned more than 100 ETH, found among the first thousand addresses at least four times.

5️⃣ Ethereum Stakers: Addresses that staked Ether before the Merge.

6️⃣ StarkEx Users: Those who utilized StarkEx before June 1, 2022.

It’s essential to note that these criteria are merely a draft and may undergo changes.

In the community dedicated to retro themes, lively discussions arose about the authenticity of this Airdrop. Today, the project team confirmed that the claim page indeed represents one of the possible draft versions of the provisioning portal. Now we are 100% certain — the Airdrop is confirmed!

The team also assured that current actions or activities will not impact the possibility of receiving tokens. In simpler terms, the «snapshot» is complete, and creating new accounts is currently not recommended. Instead, focus on maintaining activity on old accounts using cost-effective transactions.

In conclusion, the team promised to share the final official criteria and details on asset distribution when they are ready. So, let’s stay tuned for future updates and prepare for potential joys or disappointments. If you participated in the Argent/Bravos quests, there is a good chance of being eligible, especially if you maintained activity on your accounts after completing these quests, Like our team. ???? If you want to take part in the following airdrops from different projects, write to our manager. We make the best accounts for receiving airdrops manually and with scripts. We constantly know where to invest better in DeFi and cryptocurrencies! ????

Keep an eye out for updates and share your thoughts in the comments! ????

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  • Julyy Reply
    2 декабря, 2023

    Oh my God ! Seriously?? I learned about this project a year ago from your media, made 20-30 accounts and now I will have Tokens???
    This is incredible! Thank you!

    • Admin Reply
      2 декабря, 2023

      Yes! Absolutely! Soon we will know what salaries await you!) We will tell you about the news!

  • Nik Reply
    2 декабря, 2023

    Great News!!!! Thanks !

  • Andrey Reply
    2 декабря, 2023

    I know this guy and this team. Thanks to them, I have already earned many thousands of dollars.

    Thanks for the news, I’ll go check my rewards accounts now!!!

    • Admin Reply
      2 декабря, 2023

      ???????????? Thank You !

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