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Unlocking Retrodrops: Rewarding Early Contributors in Crypto Projects


Retrodrop is a variation of an Airdrop that rewards early project users with tokens. Retrodrops reward early adopters for their activity within the project.

Unlike regular airdrops where users perform specific tasks to receive tokens, retrodrops reward individuals for their previous actions or token holdings, even if these actions were taken before the retrodrop was announced. This could include participation in the project’s early stages, holding certain tokens in a wallet at the snapshot moment, or contributing to the ecosystem in various ways.

Retrodrops have become a way to incentivize and retain users within a project’s community by rewarding their past efforts and contributions, encouraging activity, and fostering loyalty to the project.

It’s worth noting that beforehand, users can’t determine if a project will conduct a retrodrop. Only a handful of projects vaguely hint at rewards via their social channels. The terms for a drop remain undisclosed. Consequently, users receive tokens unexpectedly, lacking any foreknowledge. Given the uncertainty around retrodrop conditions and rewards’ scale, there exists potential for notably larger rewards.

Main projects distributing retrodrops: LayerZero, ZkSync, Linea.

More about this projects.

Linea is a developer-friendly zk rollup designed by Consensys, the team behind Metamask. It’s engineered to be accessible and seamlessly integrable, providing developers with flexibility and scalability without the necessity of being experts in zero-knowledge technology to craft zkEVM.

LayerZero serves as a link between different blockchains. Currently, there is inconvenience in transferring tokens from one network to another blockchain. Bridges are used for this purpose, and sometimes they are not always reliable. Additionally, it requires executing 2-3 transactions, and a fee is charged for each. LayerZero resolves this global issue.

ZkSync is an innovative solution that enables users to perform transactions on the Ethereum blockchain more efficiently, securely, and conveniently. Amid the rapid surge in gas prices on the Ethereum network, zkSync offers much-needed relief for users looking to save on transaction fees.

There is no precise information on how to obtain retrodrops from companies like LayerZero ZkSync and Linea, as the processes for receiving retrodrops are unique to each platform or company and are constantly changing.

However, typically, to receive retrodrops from such companies, several steps should be followed:

1. Follow official information channels: Subscribe to blogs, social media, or official company resources. Retrodrops or special events are usually announced there.

2. Engage in platform activities: Some retrodrops may be accessible to active users participating in various events or utilizing the platform’s functionality, such as staking, providing liquidity, or participating in testing.

3. Hold tokens or assets: Sometimes retrodrops are provided to holders of specific tokens at the snapshot moment.

4. Keep track of deadlines and conditions: Understanding the timing and conditions for receiving retrodrops is also crucial. This could be associated with specific time frames or completing certain tasks.

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